Free cartoons

Free cartoons

We know how much you like our Pocketbook illustrations, so we’ve decided to give you some of them FREE. We’ve created an online gallery with a collection of your favourite cartoons. Feel free to use any of the images here to enhance materials you’re using in your teaching or CPD training. Not only will they accelerate the learning process, they’ll inject a note of humour into a lesson, raise a smile in your workshop, brighten up an INSET day and maybe even enliven the staffroom noticeboard.

You’re welcome to save the images to your own computer. Just cut and paste, or if you want a high resolution image, left click first, then save to your machine.

In return for our permission, all we ask is that you tell us your name and email address, let us know if you would like to join our email list, and agree not to resell the cartoons or use them for commercial gain other than in your training and presentation material.

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Click on any of the thumbnails below to access a high-res version for download. When the hi-res image loads, just right click to save it to your hard drive.

CPDumbrella-Hi cropped versionCoffee-HiCalendar-HiBoyShrugging-HiBoyPencilNose-HiBoyHandUp-HiBlah-Hi2AdultDiscussionChairs-HiWomanHeadBand-HiTeeHeeHee-HiTeachGirlsSwopBooks-HiTeacherPupilTarget-HiTeacherPraiseGirl-HiTeacher6pupils-HiTeach2PupilsStand-HiTeach2PupilsSit-HiSulk-HiPassportSuccess-HiParentTeacher-HiMultiTasking-HiManWingMorrors-HiLessonAim-HiImAngry-HiHandItOver-HiGirlNotHappy-HiGirl5keyPoints-HiEffectiveTeams-HiCRTE_CoverGuy-Hi