Effective Classroom Communication Pocketbook (ebook only)

Richard Churches


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Research consistently shows that teacher effectiveness is about engagement, interaction, questioning, positive atmosphere, high expectations and suitable challenge. At the heart of all these areas is the ability to communicate effectively. How you do that minute by minute and second by second is fundamental to what children learn and remember and to how they behave. Richard Churches draws from a range of disciplines, such as psychology, NLP and neuroscience, to provide a practical compendium of communication expertise based on what highly effective teachers do. You’ll find out how to use influential language patterns to support learning and positive behaviour; the secrets of body language and non-verbal communication; how to communicate to create the right emotional climate; effective questioning techniques; etc. Small changes to your current practice could lead to huge benefits in the classroom.

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Richard Churches

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“Page after page of useful advice. I can’t think of another book that so concisely summarises the techniques and approaches needed for effective teaching; all backed up with some current and very interesting snippets of research – absolutely brilliant!”
Vince Scannella, Assistant Principal, The Sixth form College, Farnborough

“Thank you for a great book packed with lots of things to know, do and reflect upon! I’ve already used it in staff training and they were highly responsive to the NLP activities.”
Ray Lau, Vice Principal & Director of Specialisms, Harris Academy at Peckham

“So much of how I communicated used to be done subconsciously. Now I think about it consciously the difference is incredible. All my teachers need to read this. It is exactly what we’ve been looking for.” Katy Fuller, Headteacher, Guillermont Junior School