Growth Mindset Pocketbook

Barry Hymer, Mike Gershon


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People with fixed mindsets believe that fundamental qualities like intelligence are essentially stable; people with growth mindsets believe that such qualities can be developed and nurtured. Research shows that learners with growth mindsets are more: open to challenges and constructively critical feedback; resilient in the face of obstacles and failure; convinced that effort makes a difference; able to learn well with and from others; likely to succeed. If we can foster growth mindsets in our pupils the results will be transformative. The Growth Mindset Pocketbook is full of classroom strategies for doing just that. Barry Hymer and Mike Gershon look at high-challenge tasks and the value of errors, mistakes and failure; exactly what we mean by effort and how to make that attractive to students; great feedback; the power of language; and ‘going seriously meta’ – equipping students to think about their own thinking and learn about their own learning. Get the book; get growing!

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Barry Hymer, Mike Gershon

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“Small – but perfectly formed! The core ingredient of 21st century education masterfully distilled into its essence. A must read for all teachers.”
Guy Claxton, Emeritus Professor of the learning Sciences. University of Winchester

“A highly informative and accessible book which explains clearly why mindsets matter and what can be done to develop growth mindsets in students and adults alike.”
Carole Walton, Deputy Head, King James’s School, Knaresborough

“A fascinating insight into how teachers can create motivated learners who thrive under pressure and embrace failure as a learning tool. A must read for anyone involved in education.”
Mike Harrowell, Head of Physical Education, Sir William Ramsay School

“I intended to make notes on the most useful and practical elements of the Growth Mindset Pocketbook that we could realistically use in our classrooms here in school. I found myself copying out the whole book!”
Helen Smith, Assistant Vice Principal, The King’s Academy, Middlesbrough