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Julie Bennett


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Whether you’re teaching novice writers, older children or adults, you’ll benefit from Julie Bennett’s enthusiasm and expertise. She presents handwriting as both an art and a science. Either way, it can be mastered. Julie covers all bases: teaching, improving and troubleshooting handwriting. Starting with the basics – seating, posture, paper and writing implements – she then fixes the goalposts with a handwriting checklist. This is the reference point for remedying a range of common problems (e.g. uneven spacing between words and letters or inconsistent slope and slant) using Julie’s multi-sensory ‘Key Notes’ method. A chapter on teaching beginner writers moves through the stages of writing from pre-literate to fluency, and a section on solving handwriting problems (e.g. for left-handers or those with dysgraphia or arthritis) is followed by a treasure trove of resources: schemes, aids, software, websites and books. Sign up for your copies now!

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Julie Bennett

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“Julie Bennett has managed to fit an amazing amount of useful, practical information into this small book. She offers alternatives and solutions rather than hard-and-fast rules, plus a full section on further resources. Teachers will find this Pocketbook a great help in understanding the issues involved in the teaching of handwriting.”
Dr Rosemary Sassoon, Handwriting specialist and designer of the Sassoon Primary Typefaces

“This book covers the important subject of handwriting, leaving no stone unturned. It is detailed yet concise, eye-catching and user-friendly; altogether highly practical and accessible. Just what busy teachers need!”
Elizabeth Lewis, Teacher, Junior King’s School, Canterbury