Head of Department’s Pocketbook

Brin Best & Will Thomas


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This third edition of the Head of Department’s Pocketbook will support middle leaders in both primary and secondary schools in carrying out their jobs confidently and efficiently. Authors Brin Best and Will Thomas know from experience that managing diverse teams in a climate of inflated performance expectations is no easy task. They devote a section of the Pocketbook to leadership and management, encompassing vision, goals and creativity, as well as challenging adult behaviours, up-skilling, influencing and motivating colleagues. A later chapter called ‘Raising Student Achievement’ looks at excellence in the classroom and includes material on enriching and supporting learning, data use and lesson planning. Effective documentation and raising the profile of your department or curriculum area are also explored. Whether you’re new to middle leadership or a seasoned hand, you’ll find the self-evaluation checklist at the end of the book a useful professional development tool.

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Brin Best & Will Thomas

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“If heads of department are school’s engine, then this pocketbook must be a top grade oil – the useful advice and practical tips within such an accessible format will be a real boon to aspiring, novice or even experienced leaders wanting to help the smooth running of their departments.”
Simon Percival, Training and Development Consultant

“For an experienced head of department, it is a good reminder of all the things you were once enthusiastic about; for a new head of department, it is reassuring that the ideas you have are sensible, and it gives support on how to actually implement them.”
Tara Mawby, KS3 science adviser

“If you have a vision for your department but are not sure how to get there, then buy this book. It will show you what to do.”
Julian Rouse, Head of science, Worcestershire