Boys, Girls & Learning Pocketbook (ebook only)

Ian Smith


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There are more similarities than differences between girls and boys, but there are innate differences in how they think, feel, behave, communicate and learn. That said, not all boys and not all girls are the same. The challenge for education is to avoid gender stereotyping, while understanding and exploiting gender differences for better teaching and learning. Ian smith argues that by letting boys be boys and girls be girls we can help them become successful learners who will mature into confident adults, comfortable with themselves and with others. He covers how to motivate both boys and girls through a combination of challenge and support; how to connect with both genders; how to create a structured environment that will work for girls and for boys; how to actively involve both in their own learning; how to give effective feedback; and whether boys and girls should be taught separately or together. This is not another book that harps on about ‘the problem with boys’; it takes a refreshing look at the broader picture and gives practical classroom advice.

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Ian Smith

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“This Pocketbook does what all good books on teaching should: it challenges and encourages reflection on what we do on a daily basis in our classrooms. As I read, I found I was smiling to myself and thinking, ‘so that’s why boys/girls do that in my class’. More importantly, with Ian’s practical advice I was encouraged to think, ‘… I need to try and do that better this week’. Boys, Girls & Learning blends theory that is easy to read and understand with ‘what to do in the classroom’ advice. ”
John McDonald, Principal Teacher, Bishopton Primary School

“I particularly like the layout of this book, which is easy and quick to read and presents clear messages on the gender issues in learning. A great reflection tool for classroom teachers on how to raise attainment of both boys and girls.”
Pauline Reilly, Principal Teacher of Music, St. Andrew’s Academy