Speech, Language & Communication (ebook only)

Victoria Mason, Emela Milne


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Most children develop speech, language and communication skills instinctively, a process that begins at birth and continues into adulthood. But what about the children who don’t naturally acquire the fundamental spoken and written skills, essential for success in education and at work? Their weak grasp of how to understand and communicate effectively leads to academic, social, emotional and behavioural problems.

The Speech Language and Communication Pocketbook identifies the problems faced by these pupils and shows teachers a range of practical support strategies and techniques to meet their needs. Written by a secondary school teacher and a speech and language therapist, both working in mainstream schools, the book covers received and transmitted language – input and output – and deals with both oral and written communication.

Topics covered include: auditory memory, active listening skills, understanding concepts and inference, reasoning and deduction, building sentences and narrative in speech and in writing, phonological difficulties and voice disorders, vocabulary – learning, storing and retrieving it – social communication, and a whole-school approach to SLCN.

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Victoria Mason, Emela Milne

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“This Pocketbook is ideal for busy teachers and SEN staff who want to know more about how Speech and Language difficulties impact on learning., then make the changes needed to transform their classrooms and teaching. Covering early years through to secondary, the information is concise and helpfully signposted, making selection of areas for focus encouragingly easy.”
Barbara O’Neill, SENCO. King Charles 1 School

“A wealth of information and numerous activities which will help teachers to develop the speaking and listening skills of pupils, not just those identified as having communications difficulties.”
Charis Erry, Year 3 Teacher, St James’s C.E. Primary School

“This book will be invaluable in supporting classroom practitioners to develop outstanding teaching and learning for pupils with SLCN and generally improve the classroom experience for many other pupils.”
Derek Hulme, Leader of A&I (SENCO) Burlish Park Primary School