Classroom Presence Pocketbook

Rob Salter


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We all know teachers who exude an air of authority the minute they walk into a room. Like magic, they command attention without a word being spoken. When they speak and interact they are engaging and compelling. Their classes are calm and focused, teacher and students work well together and behaviour is rarely a problem. How do they do it?

Classroom presence is the effect created by your teacher persona. Drawing on material from the worlds of acting and improvisation, sports psychology and NLP this book demonstrates how to develop your persona and radiate presence.

Learn about ‘status techniques’ and how to tap into a shared energy with your audience; master the triad of skills that create presence; work with your ‘cultural architects’, and see your classroom as a stage where voice, breathing, spatial awareness and costume all play a part.

It’s not magic, but with a few tricks up your sleeve you can transform the atmosphere, relationships and behaviour in your classes in just a short spell!


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Rob Salter



Publication Date

31 Jan 2016

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paperback, ebook

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148 x 105mm

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‘An extremely useful resource. It contains a wealth of practical ideas for all teachers. I would recommend anyone starting out in the profession to read this book.’

J. Wilks, Headteacher, Oaks Park High School


‘This book provides a clear way of creating an authentic teaching persona for the classroom. I would highly recommend this practical, structured and highly accessible guide to new and experienced teachers alike.’

Marion Laing, Head of Drama in Redbridge schools for 40 years


‘Rob Salter has many years’ experience working in classrooms and in the world of theatre. Here he combines both to offer great tips and ideas for teachers looking to improve their classroom practice. His Pocketbook is easy to follow and understand and underpinned with extensive knowledge.’

Keith Homer, Head of Redbridge Drama Centre