Character, Grit & Resilience Pocketbook

C J Simister


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The OED defines character as ‘the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual’. For sure, some of these qualities we’re born with but we know from neuroscience that character is also something we can grow. There’s evidence to show that by teaching children how to collaborate, adapt, be curious and creative; to show initiative, persistence, flexibility and good judgement, etc, we are equipping them to learn and be successful in life. We’re also increasing their chances of social, emotional and physical wellbeing.


This Pocketbook focuses on intellectual character. It starts with attitudes, approaches, events and activities that create a ‘character culture’ in classrooms and schools.  It suggests ways of incorporating character education into lessons: planning, framing and setting tasks that target specific dispositions. Grit – the desire and ability to persevere; rising to a challenge and showing stamina and persistence – has a chapter of its own. So does resilience: the magic ingredient that helps us cope with adversity, disappointment, shock and failure. The author concludes with how to reflect on, evaluate and celebrate personal and intellectual development.


C J Simister (National Association of Gifted Children’s ‘Inspiring Person of the Year’, 2011) has almost 20 years’ teaching experience. She regularly speaks at international conferences and works with schools around the world, advising on helping  young people to develop the intellectual qualities and skills needed to thrive and succeed in school and beyond.

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C J Simister



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Summer 2017


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I loved this book; it puts character at the heart of education, and offers practical suggestions on how to nurture it in our students.

Nicola Walker – Assistant Headteacher Teaching & Learning, Rainham Mark Grammar School


A superb publication, this pocketbook is just the kind of guide that teachers need to be able to develop character and resilience in their classrooms. Not just theory, this toolkit is full of practical advice that can make an instant impact in any school.

Christopher Hammond – Headmaster, Lyonsdown School, Barnet


Nurturing intellectual character is an essential in today’s educational climate where mental health is an ever-increasing concern. This Pocketbook brings together related ideas, models and theories using everyday speak to demystify the topic. It’s invaluable in raising questions, informing and providing practical strategies to nurture and grow our young people.

Jacky Greenwood – CPD Lead and Associate Assistant Head, Sacred Heart High School, Hammersmith


Jane aptly explains why children need skills to succeed in life. At our school we have used her techniques to integrate these skills into our teaching. They can be easily integrated and require no extra time, apart from thought as to where they fit into your planning.

When reading the book I felt a light bulb moment. This was what we had been talking about as a school but it was knowing where to start and Jane certainly helps with this. Her ideas are down to earth and tried and tested.

They help make learning active not sedentary, and they get children thinking to the extent that they will amaze you. This is what learning is about.

If you want to teach for life and not for tests, this is the book for you.

Elizabeth Hargreaves – Headteacher, Feniscowles Primary School, Blackburn